Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Full Weekend

(For the full effect, please read out loud as fast as possible and follow the instructional hints)

This weekend I went on a 18k hike in the Himalayan foothills, passed through a village that spoke a language I had never heard of before, was attacked by hoards of bloodsucking leeches, got a haircut in a metal box hanging over a cliff by a disgruntled man with a straight-razor while wearing an apron covered in small splotches of blood, trekked to a Tibetan Budhist temple, saw a cardboard cutout of the Dhali Lhama, was asked by some upperclass kids locals if I knew where they could find some ganja, passed another man so stoned he could hardly stand, accosted by a group of angry Sikhs, (take a deep breath) got ahold of some bad milk, waited in line for two hours to pay my phone bill and didn't even get it taken care of, took a jeep with 14 people and 9 1-gallon bottles of buffalo milk to a temple of a decaptated goddess, hitched a ride with some PhD students on vacation in a borrowed car the size of a skateboard, saw a gang war between two groups of monkey, fell off a parked scooter and was almost run-over by my language teacher, Habib.

All in all, I had a good time, but I was a little busy.