Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is that your dog?

No, this is not in the country I'm living in now. This is back home in Florida no less.

A few guys were over at my apartment the other day and noticed that I had a picture of an alligator tail as my background on my computer (not this picture) they asked if I had taken the picture myself and wanted to see more. Not too long before I left the country, we had a 7ft gator removed from my neighbor's yard and being that is was a boring evening, we decided to watch the lady catch it and get it on film. (Yes a woman captured this prehistoric beast!) Anyway I have several shots of it snapping and going into the "deathroll" and such, and while the guys were looking through them, I figured I would have some fun. So I casually said that it was my dog in the local language. They both immediately looked right at me with the same puzzled look. That was actually what I was intending. But a few days later I figured that I hadn't told them it was my dog. Apparantly I got the words confused and said that was my umbrella. Now I know the difference between the word for dog and for umbrella. I am learning that the way to learn something is to make as many mistakes on it as possible. Now I wonder what other crazy things I have said unbeknownst to me...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I was in what is called the "dollar store" the other day. Nothing in there is a dollar, everything is 99 rupees and that's about $2.25-ish. They really should call it the "two-and-a-quarter store" But moving on to the important part. Given that a certain softdrink is bottled in Texas, only on rare occasions does it reach the ends of the earth. This just so happened to be one of those occasions. On the shelf full of sodas, I saw a familiar color of a can and I just had to look closer. My eyes had not deceived me, but before me stood, not one but TWO cans of Dr Pepper! I expected them to be R99 each and I guess I could sacrifice a little, but when I got to the counter, they said they were 3 for R99!

I am really not that obsessed over the stuff, I had just heard that people go years without seeing any form of it. So I was just blessed to have found them.