Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Some of you have gotten onto me for not putting anything about my appt up. So here goes...

This is my living room (pardon the mess, I wasn't expecting company)

Here is the hallway/foyer - I have no idea how to spell that. The appt is a 2 story with an entrance upstairs. I didn't want the whole thing and had them seal off the steps. So, yes, I have a staircase that leads into a wall.

the bedroom is a mess, so you don't get to see that, but here is the balcony. I'm on the 6th floor, but they don't count the ground floor, so in the states it would be on the 7th floor.

Here is an elephant that was at the front of a wedding parade. Behind him, they were shooting off fireworks that would burst right in front of my window until about midnight the other week.

And these are a few office buildings that were decorated for some governmental holiday.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Nice! I like it! You could totally use your stairs as bookshelves :) haha awesome!

Caroline said...

wicked cool! yay!

Ryan Hurlburt said...

Hey man, apartment looks cool! You should definitely do something with that stair case...the opportunities are endless! Who knows what kind of conversation piece you could make out of it! I hope everything is going well and that the Lord continues to bless you.